My Role as your Buyer’s Agent

Locate Potential Properties

As your Buyer’s Agent: I work closely with you to determine you wants and needs, learning what is important for you in your new home. This includes such things as neighborhood, size of home, age of home and price. I work to narrow down the number of potential properties, looking for those properties that better suit your needs – saving you the time and effort.


Maintain Confidence

As your Buyer’s Agent: I must hold in confidence any information that you share with me. This is not the case with the listing agent, whose first responsibility is to the Seller. If a buyer shares information with the listing agent, the agent is required to then share that information with the Seller.


Educate You in the Buying Process

As your Buyer’s Agent: I will work closely with you to help educate you about the buying process, the various properties under consideration, and the real estate market in general. I can help provide information on similar properties, how long the property has been on the market, what other homes have been selling for, and any background information that can help you when presenting the offer.



As your Buyer’s Agent: With your best interest as my main responsibility, I will negotiate the sale price and contract terms, with the goal of getting the best deal for you. I am your advocate and everything that I do must be for the benefit of you.


Provide Professional Recommendations

As your Buyer’s Agent: I can recommend home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers and any other professional that you may need and you can be confident that the recommendations are made with only your best interest in mind.

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